Kutztown University of Pennsylvania
Kutztown, PA, USA
Bachelor of Science in Art Education
Temple University Rome
Rome, Italy
Semester Abroad
Presentations and Workshops
Teniamoci per mouse
Milan, Italy
Università degli Studi, Milano

L’iPad dietro e davanti ai banchi

Cloud Camp
Online Google Hangout
International Google in Edu – Hangout Across the Globe!

Google Maps Engine Lite

An International Google in Edu – Hangout Across the Globe!

Google Sites in Primary school

Teaching Experience
Bilingual European School
Milan, Italy
ICT Coordinator & Teacher
  • Meet weekly and assist with Middle School teachers ICT integration into the classrooms.
  • Developed curriculum for year 1 through year 8 in accordance with Italian National Curriculum.
  • Set up a three year program to better technology in the school.
  • Offer Professional Development courses for staff in: Technology integration, Use of Promethean Boards, E-Portfolios, PLN, etc.
  • Manage school’s network and software and hardware issues throughout the school.
  • Helped prepare the schools ICT program for the IBO PYP Authorization.
The Bilingual School of Monza
Monza, Italy
English Language Teacher

Grades 2-3 (’08-’09), Grades 1-2 (’07-’08)

  • Helped with the schools preparation with the IBO PYP Pre-Authorization visit.
  • Created differentiated lessons for mixed aged classroom
ICT Coordinator
  • Created and helped with the integration of the schools ICT Curriculum.
  • Designed and created schools website with WordPress CMS
Physical Education Teacher

Transition – Grade 3 (’07-’08)

  • Helped with the preparation of two of the schools Sports Days.