Remote control your computer for free with LogMeIn

Just sign up and you can register up to three computers (5 in the full version) to be able to control. I have been using this product for over a year and have been very impressed. I use it to access my home computer while I’m away and to access a computer on a job site while at home. But the most important connection that I have been able to set up is the one where I can help my not so computer savy mom with her computer in the US (I live in Italy). Without it I probably would not have been able set up her webcam for her so we could see each other.

I know you probably never heard of it. Most definitly you have heard of their competitors, but most of them do not offer a free option. The options have grown considerably since I first started using it. The full version offers file transfer from one pc to another, give others a secure ftp link to your files and even the ability to invite others to view your desktop.

This is definilty a great product and I would highly recomend it to anyone who works on at least two PCs or has a family memeber that really needs continual help on the PC.

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