ICT Coordintator and Teacher: Bilingual European School

BES-Logo-2012I have been teaching at the Bilingual European School (BES) in Milan, Italy since September 2009. I am the school’s ICT Coordinator and ICT Teacher. I work closely with the teachers in the Primary and Middle Schools to create meaningful and fully integrated ICT lessons. I meet with each year level on a weekly basis. We plan in a way that ICT is no longer seen as a stand alone subject or a separate class. Dedicated ICT time is used as an extension of the classroom. This allows for the students to see how they can use technology in all areas of student life and not just during their hour of ICT class. With BES being a “Scuola Paritaria” I developed the ICT curriculum for year 1 through year 8 in accordance with Italian National Curriculum.

I offer Professional Development courses for staff in: Google Apps In Education (Drive, Sites, etc.); Technology integration; The use of iPads in the classroom; Use of Promethean Boards; E-Portfolios; PLN, etc. At the beginning of each school year I train our new staff on the technology used at BES. I have also held workshops on Internet safety for the school’s parents.

I work in close relationship with our school Librarian in order to help the students develop proper research skills needed to be successful students in the 21st century. We meet regularly and have reviewed each year levels needs in order to develop a school wide research cycle.

Each year I review and update a three year program to better technology in the school. I make suggestions for purchases of both hardware and software. I work directly with the school board in trying to meet our school’s needs while keeping within our budget.

I manage school’s network and software and hardware issues throughout the school.