Professional Semester

exmain2My professional semester took place in a suburban junior high school. The art rooms, which are across the hall from the tech education rooms, have access to many supplies and equipment. This is very beneficial to the students because they can use the wood shop to make stands for their ceramics or frames for their paintings as well as many other projects.

Along with the tech education rooms, the school has recently added a computer-drafting lab for students that would like to explore that option. In the art rooms themselves, the students have access to ceramics, metals, drafting, painting and many other two dimensional media.

The school day is based on intensive scheduling, which means that the students have 90 minutes of art every day. The students rotate every thirty days to different subject areas. This means that the art teacher has each class for thirty straight days in which he is able to make the projects more intensive and demanding. The teacher and I worked only with the 7th grade students.

The teacher I worked with during this experience coordinated many programs and classes. The art program is designed to give the students a general overview of different media and techniques in the art world. Along with the normal class schedule, the teacher implemented an Art Club for the exceptional students. During my experience, I assisted the teacher with setting up a student exhibition.