Student Teaching: Elementary

hamburgMy second student teacher experience took place in a rural school district with four elementary schools; of which three grades K through 6th and one 4th through 6th. I worked on a rotating schedule in all four schools called cycles. On one day of the cycle I would spend a half day at one school and the other half in a different school. Each class meets for 45 minutes on a specific cycle numbered day. Some days I would work with only 4th graders others I would teach all levels.
The teacher I worked with during this experience advised and coordinated many programs and classes. I really admired her ability to stay on task and to keep up with all of the various classes and projects. I have to admit that it was difficult getting used to being a traveling teacher. For instance, even though I was at the schools for more than two months I really didn’t have a chance to get to know the students individually. Sometimes I would not see the same students for more than two weeks.
I was able to teach lessons to all grade levels and really enjoyed my time with the elementary age students. They bring an enthusiasm to the arts that is rarely seen in older students. For the kindergarten students I tried to keep the lessons to last only one class period because of time that would pass between one lesson and the next. While with the higher grade levels I tried to give projects that were more complex. Two of the lessons were really successful: “Caribbean Drums” 4th grade and “Story Time” 1st.