Related Experience

I started coaching American football almost immediately after i stopped playing. During my senior year of high school I suffered a serious neck injury and could not continue playing. I was asked by the coaching staff to help out in practice and during the games. I accepted even thought it was quite difficult. The following year I helped coach the school’s Freshman team.

While studying at Kutztown University I took a course in athletic coaching and received NFSHSA/ASEP certification in Coaching Principles and Sport First Aid in 1996. During that course I had opportunity to work with a local Freshman team from Exeter High School. I coached the Special Teams and Running Backs and Line Backers. We had a great year and went undefeated.

When I first arrived in Italy I didn’t even know that there was an American football league. After some internet searching I found a team in Milan, the Frogs, where I helped coach their junior team for a brief period. After the season the coach recommended me to the Rhinos Milano, a historic football team in Milan that was rebuilding from the ground up.